Asurement and evaluation of the optic nerve. buy real viagra pills Additionally, if there is suspicion of possible glaucoma, a visual field test and scan of the nerve cell tissue will provide more detailed information. buy viagra Measuring the thickness of the cornea and the use of a special examining lens are also utilized, and all these factors are considered in the diagnosis. What is the treatment for glaucoma? Many cases of glaucoma can be adequately treated with eye-drops. One important point is that every medication (including eye-drops) has side effects. cheap viagra If drops fail to adequately control the condition, either laser treatment or surgery may be required. viagra safe uk The goal is to get the eye pressure down to a level where no more damage is being done. What is a cataract? How much does viagra cost in new zealand A cataract is any clouding of the natural lens of the eye. Just as a camera has a lens used to focus the picture image, our eye has a similar lens. when will we get generic viagra The formation of some cataract change is very common in any person over about 60 years of age. Often early cataracts do not interfere significantly with vision. buy viagra usa online What causes a cataract? what happens if women take mens viagra The most common cause of cataract formation is aging, and this may be related to years of ultraviolet light exposure. Some types of cataracts are inherited, others are associated with medical diseases (such as diabetes). Additionally, there can be cataract formation secondary to previous injury or medications. What is the treatment? If vision is affected to the point of interfering with your activities of daily life, cataract surgery should be considered. The procedure is done on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. When the cloudy cataract is removed, vision is restored by implanting a new lens called an “intraocular lens implant”, or iol, through a tiny incision of about 3mm. The outpatient surgery center is part of our facility for your convenience. viagra for sale Will i need glasses after surgery? viagra online It is not uncommon to need some glasses correction after cataract surgery. when will we get generic viagra However, most people find that they are not as dependent on glasses as they were before surgery, because the iol can reduce previous correction. What is dry eye? The surface of the normal eye is lubricated and protected by tears, which are produced by several glands of the eyelids. buy viagra Many people, especially women, have a decreasing level of tear production as they age. best place purchase viagra online This causes a variety of symptoms, such as stinging, burning, scratching, and blurred vision. 100 mg generic viagra Sometimes, it can even stimulate the glands to produce too many tears. Sjogren’s syndrome is a condition associated with more severe dry eye and dry mouth. when will we get generic viagra Dry eye treatment the treatment of dry eye consists of supplementing the body’s own tears with some artificial lubrication in the form of eyedrops or gel. Buy cheap viagra thailand Additionally, a small plug can be inserted into the duct where tears drain out of the eye. viagra online This will help retain any tears being produced in the eye. Initially a temporary, disso. buy viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription viagra tablets price pakistan can you take viagra 20 mg every day viagra use hindi watermelon viagra youtube